Tough-1 Silver Royal arabian western silver trimmed show saddle

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Price: $1,648.50
Product ID : SR3981R1
Manufacturer: Silver Royal



this high class show saddle is built a tree designed for arabian horses. what does that mean? arabians are a well known breed, so much so that even someone who knows little to nothing about horses will sometimes be able to identify an arabian from a line of other horses. when a horse displays characteristics that are that distinguishable from others you'll want to make sure you take note of the characteristics that can influence saddle fit. while people tend to see the breed as beautiful, refined and cut like a china doll, all those things don't add up to 'narrow' in the sense of a saddle fit. arabian's actually tend to be flatter or broader on the top line. if that sounds like your horse, this might be the saddle for you. the arabian tree is made with a flatter pitch and the skirts of this saddle are slightly shorter. so that it looks like it belongs on an arabian, it has exquisite tooling throughout, and engraved silver plates on the corners of the skirt, pommel and cantle. Tough-1 builds their saddles from the bottom up with a half inch layer of shock absorbing neoprene rubber between the bottom lining and saddle skirt. Saddle Meaurements: 7.5" gullet width, rawhide covered fiberglass tree with Arabian bars, 2.5" horn, 13" swell, 4" cantle, in-skirt rigging, 27" front to back x 29.5" side to side, approximately 27 lbs

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