Sizing Charts

Buying online can be tough when it comes to sizes.  Heck, we've been there too!  To try to help you out we have put together a few sizing charts.  Each link will give you the specific chart you are looking for.

Gullet Width vs. Bar Angle Explained (briefly anyway) 
Making sure your saddle fits your horse is VERY important and the tree of your saddle is it's foundation.  Show your horse how much you care, if  you don't know the difference between gullet width and bar angle, take a moment to learn a little bit about your saddle.  There are entire websites dedicated to the make up of a saddle tree (and they are super interesting to read) so don't stop here. 

Saddle Measurements
We included saddle seat size conversion from Western to English, English to Western and we even tossed in Aussie saddles.  We reviewed how to measure the seat size on your saddle and we covered how to get generally accepted gullet measurement.  So if you something from us or you don't, at least we'll hopefully have given you the tools to find the right saddle for you.

Halter Sizing and Estimating Your Horse's Weight
Knowing your horse's estimated weight is important.  Not everyone has a livestock scale readily available and we wouldn't suggest the bathroom scale.  Instead, try this page for a good horse weight calculation.

Horse Turnout Blankets, Stable Blankets, Sheets, Hoods and Mane Stays
Wondering, "How heavy a blanket should I put on my horse?"  We've got a suggested chart for that too!

Chap Size Charts (for adults and children)
Suggestion - if you find yourself between sizes, go with the larger size ... these tend to run a little bit snug.

Riding Helmets, Riding Safety Vests and Boots Size Charts
From the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, sizing charts for it all.

Cart and Harness Size Charts

Hoof Guard and Horse Shoe Size Chart

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