How To - Asking For A Pony

daddy daughter riding horse

God bless the Moms and Dads out there who are brave enough to have a horse show kid or rodeo kid.  For those of you who have taken on this type of activity instead of a normal kid sport or activity, this poem is for you.

Please Buy a Pony

Oh Dad please buy a pony, for I’ve wanted one for so long
I saw one in a filed today, we could get him for a song
His tail is long and shiny and his coat is black and white
He’s what I’ve always wanted, I know he’d be just right.
He doesn’t need a barn Dad we can keep him in the yard.
If you’ll only buy him Daddy I will work so very hard.
I’ll curry him and feed him, he’ll only need a little hay.
If you’ll only buy him Daddy, I will ride him every day

Oh Dad the mare’s lovely, could I have her, could I Dad?
She’s only had 6 foals you know, her tummy’s not that bad.
If I had her I would train her, she would truly be a treasure.
But she’ll need a little shed Dad to protect her from the weather.
Dad, she’ll need another saddle , for the pony one’s too small.
And more hay to feed the mare through the winter and the fall.
A nylon brush to feed her, a bucket for her feed.
A halter, bridle, blanket is all she’ll really need.

Oh Dad I found a filly. Could I have her, please say yes.
I think that we could get her for a thousand bucks or less.
Her top line in perfection and her leg are and straight and true.
If you’ll only buy her Daddy I will lend the mare to you.
Dad the filly has her papers, I’ve checked them and right.
If you’ll run and buy a trailer, we could pick her up tonight.
The shed it much too small you know, she’d need a large box stall.
We might as well get plans made for a barn to house them all.

Oh Dad I won a trophy. See the ribbons on the wall.
If I only had a show room, I could display them all.
And now we’ll have to build a room to show the new ones right.
Maybe after supper we could start the room tonight.
We could have shelves to put her trophies on, a keen rug on the floor.
A velvet wall for ribbons, yes I plan to win some more.
A frame to hang her pedigree in just the perfect light.
Let’s not spare the money Dad. We want to do this right.

Oh Dad…now what the matter? He just fainted dead away
When I started to tell him of the boy I met today.
He simply is terrific and as groovy as can be.
I think he’s ultra super and he’s interested in me.
Billy says he most allergic to horses and horses’ hair.
So I’ll have to stop riding, I think that’s only fair.
Billy just adores a Honda. It’s a thing he’s never had.
Oh, I see your eyes are open. Buy a Honda for me, Dad.

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